Product Review: Fair & Lovely BB Cream vs. Ponds BB Cream



Both creams come in tubes which are travel friendly. However Ponds is more reliable because the list is twist-open instead of Fair & Lovely which is pull open.

Both claim to give whitening effect, Ponds says “BB+ fairness cream” and Fair & Lovely says “Foundation + fairness cream”.

Both BB creams come in small & big tubes for almost same price, give or take a few bucks.

I have oily & zits prone skin if the product does not suit it. Both creams did not give me any skin problem.


  • Ponds bb cream comes with SPF 30
  • Ponds is darker than Fair & Lovely so it will not suit medium and fair skin tones. Similarly Fair & Lovely BB cream comes in light beige shade only therefore, it will not suit darker skin tones.
  • Ponds BB cream is thick in consistency and Fair & Lovely BB cream is almost runny.
  • Verdict:
  • I have used this small 9g tube of Ponds and faced disappointment. The shade is dark for my skin tone. The bb cream is too thick, therefore I had to mix it with my moisturising serum and it did not mix well with my water based serum. It did not stay long on my face.
  • I have bought second 40g tube of Fair & Lovely and have been using it regularly mixing it with my moisturising serum, primer and tea tree oil. The cream mixes smoothly with my chosen ingredients for my face makeup and stays on far longer than BB cream. In fact I have stopped using foundation since the day I started using this BB cream. Coverage is good for my almost clear skin. I do not use heavy duty foundation for everyday makeup, therefore, this light weight bb cream is my go-to for face makeup if I set it with a good loose powder.
  • Therefore, I recommend Fair & Lovely if you are looking for a light coverage tinted moisturiser which evens out the skin tone and keeps your face matte for longer time.
  • Love & light

    X Zb


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