Love thyself! And be proud of it!


“You are so much in love with yourself”

“You are always so fond of yourself”

“You care a lot about yourself”

I have heard these phrases so many time I had to write about it here. My question every time someone says something like this to me is- when and how did we begin to think this is something wrong to do? Since when loving oneself became wrong? Why does everyone make it sound like I’m doing something I’m not supposed to do? If I believe I deserve my own love, care, admiration then what is wrong with that? My whole world revolves around my dreams, ambitions, my life & my goals, then what is wrong with that?

Actually yes, that is the real problem people have. I don’t think there is anything wrong with one loving oneself. You got to accept yourself before people do. You must make yourself your number one priority and only then you can expect others to do the same. Have you ever seen a person who’s always putting others first and always putting themselves last, happy and content? Ask them. Then ask a person who is so devoted to his own dreams and ambitions, he puts himself first. And then ask them if they are happy and content. You will always find the later far happier than the former.

So next time you find someone putting themselves first and everyone else second, don’t make it sound like they are doing something wrong or they need to change that. They won’t. Once you make yourself the centre of your universe, its hard to go back to leave the spot for someone else.

And if you are someone who loves himself/herself more than anyone else, YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING WRONG. Keep going with your head held high.

Love & light

X Zb


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