Yoghurt & Turmeric for Glowing skin this summer


Who does not want clear, fresh looking, glowing skin? I have lately been trying super hard to eliminate all chemical based creams, face washes, scrubs etc from my life; to have clear, fresh skin and this face mask has been a blessing.

Two ingredients; Yoghurt & turmeric. Every night. For 15-20 minutes. I have been using this face pack for a month now, regularly without skipping a single night. I don’t wash my face with soap afterwards, just plain water, pat dry with clean face towel and apply toner & benzoyl peroxide cream for controlling acne. My skin has never glowed so much in my whole life. And i have lived fair number of years.


  • Yoghurt removes tan. What more do we need in this just too bright sun?
  • Turmeric is anti inflammatory and controls acne causing bacteria on skin. It has helped me a lot with clearing some spots that tried to surface during this one month. It is definitely a very potent anti inflammatory.
  • This mask has somehow controlled the oil on my face. I don’t wash my face with soap afterwards so the natural moisturiser from yoghurt stays on my face for the whole night. May be its that, or turmeric is playing its role, but my skin is far more oil balanced than it has all my life.

I know I will never stop using this face mask. The benefits and results are amazing. But you have to be very patient to see results my skin started showing results after a week but I did face some purging in second week. Since after that, it has been the best in forever.

Try this mask and leave your feedback in comments section below.

Much love x



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