To ladies who want to boycott designer lawn this summer!

Summer is here. so are designer lawns. Every second week, a new designer emerges in the market and introduces a new luxury lawn collection which is priced at somewhere 8000 – 14000 PKR. Even designers no one has ever heard of before are launching very expensive outfits. while the madness is unfathomable for most of us, at the same time, we come across a post like “Boycott designer lawn” or “ban designer lawn” every now and then. The only reason these ladies have to come up with something as absurd as this is “underprivileged people cannot afford it”. Well ok! most of us cannot afford them, so how does that affect my life? The next line always goes something like “these women who cannot afford it force their husbands to use illegal means to earn money so they can buy these clothes”. Well, first of all let me admire you for the wonderful logic you have presented. Second, allow me to show how I grateful I am to you for your have given me something to write about and get views on my blog.

First of all sister, you do not blame others for what you do. You do what you do because you want to do it. So if the husband in question here is earning illegal money because his wife told him too, let’s just pray for that husband because he’s not doing it for his wife, he’s doing it for himself.

Second, if someone does something illegal just because someone else has it through legal means, that is complete nonsense on their part. There have been cases where women steal newborns at hospitals because they cannot have children of their own. Should we ban mothers from giving birth just because they have what others don’t have?

Third, designers do not come to your doorstep to swipe your cards in their machines and throw lawn suits at your face and run away. YOU visit their stores and pay for the clothes you buy. If you cannot afford it, there are some very affordable options available in market. You can contact me on twitter or instagram and I can tell you some very reasonable places where I have personally shopped from and the lawn has lasted me good 2-3 seasons.

What we as a nation need to understand is that no one is having it easy. Everyone, even those earning through illegal means, are paying a really heavy price for what they have. This is God’s justice. No one is living perfect life. The wife who cannot afford a 14k suit does not feel different from the woman who earns enough to afford it but has some other space in her life this 14k suit cannot fill. It’s all about perspective. We all have some thing missing somewhere. It’s very easy to assume that others have it all together when you know nothing about their struggle.

Designer lawn is not always about show off for each one of us. Speaking as a working woman with a crazy busy life style, designer lawn is good quality for money. One suit lasts years. It is nice on eyes, comfortable to wear & does not wrinkle, which is such a blessing in summer for women who have to run around all day for work. I don’t call my wardrobe affair waste of money. For me, this is investment. Investment in a product that will last me good number of months and will bring me matchless comfort when I’m occupied chasing my goals.

About time my sisters who are too focused on counting other people’s blessings, begin to count their own!


Love & Light



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