Eye makeup creases? You need this!


Does your eyeshadow crease couple of hours after you have used the best primer, concealer, powder & what not? Read on!

I know how you feel. I have been there too. Until I realised I was using too thick concealer. I tried Maybelline Fit Me concealer, LA girl pro HD concealer both with same result; creasing eyeshadow after few hours. Then I stopped using both after an eye infection because I had to be extra careful with my eyes. Then just to even the skin around eyes out, I started dabbing my Kryolan TV paint stick just with a light touch using tip of my ring finger. That was when following realisations hit me:

  • If you apply a thick concealer, it will crease after a while because there are folds on eyelid more than there are on face.
  • Tip of ring finger is the safest finger for area around eyes because it is the one unable to cause lot of pressure on skin, thus, natural feather light touch.
  • Setting the concealer with same brand of powder is important. It makes a lot of difference if you use powder and concealer of different brands. I have personally tested this one.
  • Investing in brushes is important. Your brush decides how much powder goes and stays on your eye lid. Too little won’t set the concealer, too much will crease in folds on eyelid.

Now that my eye makeup stays crease free without any eye primer for 7-8hrs, I can safely say these points I have jotted above are crucial.

Try these for yourself & let me know how it goes for you!

X Zb


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