Book Review: The Keeper of Lost Things- by Ruth Hogan


Over the years, he had filled his drawers and shelves with fragments of other people’s lives and somehow they had helped to mend his– so cruelly shattered– and make it whole again.

This quote above was the only time I found myself liking this book. And it was chapter 5 of 51. I honestly don’t know how I feel about this book because I could not make myself to bear with the torture of drag after reading almost half of it. This is not a positive review, I’m afraid.

Anthony lost his wife & the pendant she gave him as token of her love. In order to evoke karma & in hope of someone returning his lost pendant to him, he started collecting things in places and started keeping them safe. When he dies, he leaves everything, including the “lost treasures” to his personal assistant, Laura. Laura is assigned a task, though. She has to find the people to whom the lost things belong & return them to the original owners.

Laura takes help from Freddy and Sunshine, the friends she made along the way and is able to return the most precious thing back to the owner, which tbh does not make much sense to me. May be because of the book title & description, I had higher expectations. I was hoping for something deeper and magical. However, the story dragged on and on and on including Laura’s immature crush on Freddy and Sunshine’s teenagerish silly jokes which were not even amusing. I found myself turning pages after the first half without actually reading it.

I gave the book 1 star on goodreads. And that too for the title and cover.

Love & light

X Zb

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