Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere – by, Celeste Ng


What made someone a mother? Was it biology alone, or was it love?

This one appeared in my recommended books section on Goodreads. Having a rating of 4.2/5, this book was a winner of goodreads readers choice awards 2017, securing 39,077 votes.

The book presents various dilemmas and controversies in a very not-exactly-in-your-face manner. The read is light and pace very appropriate. You do not feel overburdened by too much details despite the number of characters in the story.

The contrast that caught my eye was between Mrs. Richardson and Mia. Mrs. Richardson is the kind of woman who has her whole life planned out in front of her, and has been lucky enough to just have it that way. Honestly, how does that even happen for some people? Her amazing husband, her wonderful kids, and their beautiful abode in very fairly-tale-like, out of the world community “Shakers Height”.

On the other hand, we have Mia. The girl I could relate to really well. The one overwhelmingly in love with the road, the one with crazy talent with photography. Honestly speaking, even I want to see some of Mia’s photographs after reading this book. Mia left her home to pursue her dreams in NYC and she, BTW, also had her whole life planned out for her. But, unfortunately, like most of her, fate had different things in store for her. She ended up being a “virgin mother”, a college drop out, and a single parent who can’t possibly give a stable home and finance for her child.

The story proceeds and towards the end, each character leaves you with a lot of questions. What choice would I make if I was Lexi? What would I feel if I was Pearl? Would I choose to do what Izzy did in the end? If I was Bebe, wouldn’t I do what was best for my child? These questions are still swarming my head as I put the book down. I would love to discuss the questions, the choices each character makes in the story with some like minded people. Hit me up on Twitter or instagram and we can talk about it!

I would wrap it up with few of my favourite quotes from the book:

“When people were bent on doing something they believed was a good deed, it was usually impossible to dissuade them.”

“Maybe at birth everyone should be given to a family of another race to be raised. Maybe that would solve racism once and for all.”

Love and Light

X Zb


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