How to apply highlighter for everyday natural glow look!

This is my everyday look which I wear to work since it does not make me look like a glazed donut. Applying the highlighter to the high of the cheekbones on top of a pink or peach blush on gives you that soft day time look which is not too harsh on the eyes. After that I lightly brush my finger on the tip of my nose and chin. I also like to apply it to my cupid’s bow if I’m wearing a very bold lip colour like I’m wearing in this video. I don’t apply highlighter on my forehead but I put just a tiny bit on the bridge of the nose and between the eyebrows and under the arches of the eyebrows as well. The most important highlight point for me is the inner corner of the eyes specially when I know I’m looking tired & sleepy.

The important thing to remember for this look is:

  • blend well, which is why I like to work the cream highlighters with my fingers instead of brushes.
  • use a very light touch, which is why I use my ring finger to blend the highlighter.

The highlighter I have used in this video is Mua Luxe Shimmer Highlight stick in gold/peach shade.

Love & Light

x Zb


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