How I Alter my BB Cream to Match my Skin Needs

Hey Lovely people,

I have been a big fan of BB Creams mainly because my skin is mostly clear and I’m not in for using a heavy coverage foundation on a daily basis, heck, I will attend a wedding function wearing BB Cream if the formula suits my skin. This post is all about how and why I alter the BB Creams available in the market.

why is easy to answer. The BB creams in market are not suitable for my skin and do not meet the demands I have of a BB cream or anything that has to sit on my face for longer than 7 hours a day, 5 days a week! work life problems, eh?

Things I use to alter this BB Cream:


  • an empty container: of course to put the BB Cream in.
  • any BB cream that matches your skin tone- I’m using BB Cream by Fair & Lovely because its thick enough to give nice coverage and is available easily. I have used Pond’s BB Cream in past and it was too thin & sheer for my liking. However, you can alter the texture by using other ingredients following this.
  • moisturising serum: you can use a moisturising cream too but since serums suit my acne prone skin better, I use the same for making the BB Cream’s texture a little lighter than it actually is.
  • Tea tree oil: I put this oil in my toner, my creams, my BB Creams and my foundation. Since I have a very sensitive skin which breaks out very easily, I have come to realise that this oil really helps me with keeping the inflammation at bay. I put 10-15 drops both in my toner and BB Cream.
  • Primer: I use this one to make the BB Cream matte and make the pores look smaller. This works wonder mixed with BB cream and creates a smooth foundation for the blush on & highlighter.
  • Loose Powder: if the BB cream is too creamy or runny, you can add loose powder that you normally use. However, be careful because if you add too much, blending the cream will become too difficult.

Here are the ingredients that I have used for changing the BB cream to match my skin needs and I have tried this with Pond’s & Nivea’s BB Creams. These ingredients work well with any BB cream or moisturiser. You might have to work with the quantities depending on skin needs and your personal preferences which is why I have not mentioned the quantities here. 

Hope it helps you people out there blessed with a very sensitive skin which requires a lot of work! sigh.

Love and Light

x Zb



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