Product Review: Simplysiti Dermagic Relaxing Mask & Beauty Moisturiser

I received this Dermagic range value pack by Simplycity  when a friend visited Thailand and Malaysia and asked me what I wanted from there. Of course my answer was “Bring me Korean face masks” since my New Year Resolution for year 2017 was “have 100% clear and healthy skin”. The hype about Korean face masks has been going viral all over the internet and I wanted to see for myself if the masks lived up to the expectation. This value pack contains 3 Dermagic Relaxing Masks and 2 Dermagic Beauty Moisturisers (You can’t see the third mask pack in the picture because I used it).


Just look at the beautiful colours. It took me ages to just tear the packaging and take the mask out because I didn’t want to damage the packaging (bless my heart), yes, it’s that beautiful. Proceeding onto the review for the sheet mask, which is a relaxing mask, supposed to hydrate, relax and give you a healthier looking skin. The mask is a sheet dipped in Korean Deep Sea Water and oh my heart! This water and mask smell divine. If this is how Korean Deep sea water smells, I want to live inside that water and die there. The wet mask was very easy to open since the sheet itself is wrapped around a non-cling film and makes it very easy to use, without tearing the sheet itself (which a clumsy person like me is very much susceptible to do). I left the mask on for 20 minutes and then removed the mask and pat the skin for full absorption of the contents. Did my skin feel great! This mask does what it says; relaxes, hydrates (although I have oily skin and I do not need a lot of hydrating) and leaves it smooth and healthier looking. I give the mask 5/5 stars for the smell alone!

Coming to moisturizer, because of having oily skin, I have to be extremely cautious when applying a moisturizer on my face because everything just makes it more oily. However, this moisturizer is more like a water based serum than a lotion or cream. It absorbs into the skin evenly and nicely and does not leave the surface greasy like most moisturising creams or lotions do. Again, five stars just for the amazing smell this serum/gel has!

I would highly recommend this mask and moisturizer for people with combination skin or people with dry patches on skin. I tried this mask and moisturizer on when my skin was suffering dryness in areas where I apply Benzoyl Peroxide at night and it worked like a charm. Best part, it did not aggravate my acne at all, which is the case with most moisturising masks and gels I have used.

Love & Light,

x Zb


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