Improvising the DIY toner


I have written about this DIY Toner for Acne prone Skin here  but I stopped using it when I started using aloe vera and water blend as my moisturizer everyday, about a year ago. However, a recent really bad episode with cystic acne (possibly because of lifting weights or work related stress) left me devastated and pretty nasty looking scars on the forehead. Since forehead is a very in-the-sight area on the face, and I’m determined to have 100% clear and healthy skin, this bugged me big time. I came across a post on facebook where a user mentioned that ACV and water is a good scar removing treatment. I had the toner on hand any way so I put that in a spray bottle (I always find applying it with cotton balls very hectic and waste of time, mainly why I stopped using it in first place) and added a few drops of tea tree oil in it. Its been a week and half and I have noticed a huge difference in the appearance of those nasty scars. Since I am not using anything else for the treatment of these scars right now, I’m sure it is this solution working its way onto these scars.

tea tre eoil


Water and ACV ( American Garden ) in equal ratio

few drops of Xpel Marketing Ltd.

How To Apply:

I have put the solution in a spray bottle because I find cotton balls and pouring it onto cotton balls and then applying a hassle, but of course you can find your own method of applying the solution to your face. I apply a few squirts on the face every time I wash my face once it has dried.


  • minimizes the pores instantly
  • keeps the oil at bay, even though the temperature goes up to 40 degrees celsius and I spent good amount of time in Sun
  • NO NEW ZITS/BLEMISHES since I have started applying this on my face.
  • acne scars faded by 40-50%


  • The smell is intolerable because ACV is acidic and has strong smell.
  • Stings in the eyes if I open them too soon.
  • you might have problem finding this oil in your area as its not a well known brand an I’m not sure how well other brands will work.

Try it to see if it works for you, as it does for me.

May your skin always be glowing from within!

x Zb




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