Book Review: Final Girls,  by Riley Sager


For a regular thrillers fan, it’s very easy to come up with theories while reading a book,  and more often than not, one of those theories proves right in the end. That is when readers like me end up giving a three star review. Because, hey if I wanted predictable, I would read Young adult fiction, not mysteries & thrillers. 

This book, however, came up with a twist that no one could have imagined in their wildest dreams, and an ending that blows your mind away. 

For me in a book, a good interesting book, the kind you want to spend your weekend with, should have two things: a very interesting beginning & an unexpected ending. 

The story begins with a hint about what happened at Pine Cottage one night when six people were murdered and Quincy was an only survivor with not so deep wounds. Quincy has no recollection of the incidents from that night because of memory lapse. She has been labelled a “Final Girl”  by reporters and media. There have been two other final girls, who are also lone survivors of two separate massacres at two different times. People think final girls are special and really strong because they survived when no one else in the same circumstances did. Quiny has found her solace in baking, her blog and her boyfriend Jeff, who is also a public defence attorny. Everything is going well until one day, one of the final girls Lisa slits her wrists and commits suicide. The other final girl Sam shows up at Quincy’s door and they both realise they need each other to not end up like Lisa. The twists in the story start right after Sam shows up. Why was Sam lying low for so many years and has now all of sudden popped up? Why is Sam trying to blackmail Quincy? Did Quincy survive the massacre or was she the one behind the massacre? Did Quincy really does not remember anything from that night or is she telling a lie to the cops, to Jeff, her mother & Sam?  Did Lisa kill herself after all that she survived or is there Sam or Quincy behind it?  Who will be the last alive final girl? 

These are all questions you can find answers to only after reading this book. The plot is fast, enticing, twisted & very mysterious.  The ending wl blow your mind away,  that’s guaranteed. I gave 5 stars on good reads,  because this book is way better than Sometimes I lie & Gone Girl. Hands down,  the best thriller I have ever read. I highly recommend it to all mystery, crime & thriller fans. 


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