Product Review: Porfade Primer, by Beautify By Amna

After I posted a review about their Foundation Blender (review here), they sent me this giveaway. I woke up to this familiar dull gold package & was pretty surprised. First of all Thank You, beautify by Amna for such a sweet gesture. Inside the package, I found …yay! another Foundation Blender, as usual nested safely inside a bubble wrap & a plastic case. I would have purchased another one of these if they had not sent me already, because Yes, I loved it that much.


Along with the Foundation Blender, there was their Porfade Primer. Since I have already posted a review about the foundation blender here , I will review the primer in this post.

The packaging, is as usual, beautiful. They really know how to make their customers fall in love with their packages, let alone the products. The Porfade Primer comes in a black & grey flat leopard-patterned tube, containing 30ml of primer.

Consistency of the primer is gel like, and you can actually see the bubbles inside the tube, which look really cool.

Texture is smooth, almost silk like. I took a very small quantity of this product and it covered my whole face really well, and my face is about the size of a small pumpkin, so that’s decent texture and consistency.

The product has a very faint pleasant smell, which vanishes as soon as you have applied it on your face & it has settled.

Once done with the primer, I applied the rest of the makeup as usual, and used very little setting powder & NO setting spray. The weather in Islamabad is so humid, and so weird these days, that your face, specially if you have oily skin like mine, will start looking like in serious need for blotting paper just after ten minutes of applying make up, and I use heavy cream foundation by Kryolan. Let me break it down for you:

Without matte setting powder, my face is oily in 10 minutes.

With setting powder, make up stays decent for about an hour these days.

With Nyx Matte setting spray, make up is decent & matte for about 3-4 hours in a normal no AC room.

With this primer, my makeup was pretty decent & matte for about 7 hours, both indoor and outdoor because I move around and about a lot. The areas where my makeup creases a lot if not properly set, did not crease. I’m strictly a no touch-ups person because, low maintenance, so this primer actually did its job really well.


Since my skin is sensitive & acne-prone, I’m super careful about what I put on my face. This primer is safe for people like us, because it’s 60% water base, oil-Free, & non-greasy. This primer is said to be suitable for all skin types, but people with oily skin can really benefit from it really well. The product claims a perfect makeup look that lasts up to 12 hours. I can vouch for 8 hours definitely. For the price and quantity, this product is worth it, specially for hot & humid days of summer. I highly recommend this product to those with oily & sensitive skin.

Price: Rs. 2500/-

For purchasing this:

Beautify by Amna website

Beautify By Amna Facebook Page

They are also having a giveaway contest going on where you can win cash 10,000/- and other gifts.

Other products by Beautify by Amna:

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Love & Light

x Zb


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