Product Review: Foundation Blender, by Beautify by Amna

I can’t exactly recall how I ended up on Beautify by Amna‘s page but I knew that I was looking for a beauty blender and where I could purchase the Original Beauty Blender from. Even though I love my Real Technique round brush for both applying & blending my cream foundation (Kryolan TV Paint Stick which is a cream foundation in a stick form & tends to look very cakey if not blended well). I read the reviews given there by the people who purchased their beauty blender and they sounded pretty decent, therefore, I ordered foundation blender because I have never really bought a product by a local manufacturer and I wanted to try it.
First of all I love the packaging the order arrived in. The dull gold package and the way blender was packed in bubble wrap & then inside a plastic case in order to keep it safe, shows the manufacturer’s concern for customer satisfaction.
The bright pink, tear shaped blender itself gives a flawless finish. The material is soft & very spongy, as it almost doubles in volume when wet. I have used it to apply both cream & liquid foundations & setting powder. The egg shape is perfect to apply powder to those tricky corners on face where even a tapered brush can’t reach effectively, specially when you’re trying to set up your concealer with setting powder. I haven’t used my foundation brush ever since i started using this. Excellent quality product for a very reasonable price, given I bought it on 50% off. I assure you, if this beauty blender can blend a foundation as thick & creamy as Kryolan, it can definitely blend any liquid foundation really well.
This sponge is super easy to clean and dries and goes back to normal size within hours. No stains on my sponge from left over cream foundation, which BTW is very difficult to remove completely from the makeup brush. I Will definitely make more purchases from Beautify by Amna. I recommend all makeup junkies to buy & use this for perfectly blended foundation. The foundation blender is priced at Rs. 650/- only at

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  1. I hadn’t heard of this brand before 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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