Book Review: Ugly Love, by Colleen Hoover

After reading “It ends with us”, I had high expectations when I started reading this book. Hoover has an understanding about overly emotional creatures called women & how they are so not wise when it comes to men, specially those men who treat them like trash. But this book shows that Hoover has an understanding of not-so-overly-emotional-on-the-surface-only creatures called men & how they can be very emotional and not-so-wise when it comes to women, specially the women they love with all they have.

Tate comes to live with her brother when she finds this really hot hunk living in the apartment right opposite. The wild attraction she feels towards Miles rings a bell for lot of us. The bad boy as usual is afraid of relationships and Tate, like all other overly emotional creatures called women, agrees to an all-sex-no-feelings sort of arrangement. She tries her best to not feel humiliated when he finishes and moves away without ever looking at her, and keeps on hoping that one day this bad boy will become a good boy just for her. This bad boy however, has some demons lurking in his past which are still haunting him in the head. However, like all happy endings, Miles eventually learns that the ugly side of love is not the only side of love. happy ending indeed, but a little disappointing. I really wish life worked this way!

Author has tried her best to make us see the underlying emotions and consequences of the relationships where one person is getting attached and other is there just for the sake of sex. The story reminded me many times of the well-known Fifty Shades series. The ending was also similar.

If you want to read this book because you liked It Ends With Us, you are in for a disappointment.


Love & Light,

x Zb


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