Book Review: Sometimes I Lie, by Alice Feeney

You most probably ended up on my blog because you were really looking for answers to the questions which are now storming in your head when you’re done reading this book & you are literally like “What The Actual…wait a sec”. If you think I have somehow figured out the answers, NO. I have not and I’m as confused and befuddled as you are. However, if you have not read this book yet but are looking forward to, then read on.

The story is narration by Amber when she wakes up & finds out she is in coma at a hospital after an accident. She does not remember how she ended up there but the unease & angst she goes through while being unable to move her body and open her eyes is quite dreadful. The story moves along when we get to see the diary entries from Claire’s diaries she used to write when she was eleven. Claire is Amber’s sister, and not on good terms with Paul, Amber’s husband, yet Amber at one point believes they both were having an affair behind her back. There are too many complexities in this story which will be a spoiler for you if I disclose them here but every character is tied up to the revelation which we find towards the end of the book, however the story mainly revolves around Amber, Claire and Paul.

This book has left me somewhat exasperated. There is an infamous twist towards the end, which I have clearly either missed or have been too dumb to notice. The story makes little sense to me the further I read. The characters are not what Amber thinks they are, but Amber confesses on the very first page that She sometimes lie, which also happen to be the title of her story i.e this very book. The ending is left open, for the readers to make sense of. This has to be one of the most annoyingly confusing books I have read. I hope, someday if I read this story again, I might be able to make sense of a few things, but I really don’t want to read it again. This book will be a really cool movie in future & will definitely break Gone Girl’s records.

I really recommend this book to psychological thrillers fans. You guys will love it.


Love & Light

x Zb

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