Book Review: Before The Fall, by Noah Hawley

Two of the most influential men, along with some other people are on a private plane which mysteriously crashes into the sea. There is only one adult survivor who swam for eight hours, carrying a four year old on his back. Several people are interested in knowing what really happened and how the plane exactly crashed while no dead bodies or wreckage has been found.

The rest of the story is about how all those different people ended on that plane because the author aims to get us up close and personal with each one of the passengers and the crew members before their dead bodies are found. We also get to know about how Scott and the little boy who survived the plane crash are being haunted by their past, the memories, the gaps in memory resulting from the crash & the media harassing them, while the search for answers goes on side by side.

The author has done an excellent job in keeping the readers interested throughout the story, which is fairly a really long one. However, the ending could have been better. I gave this book four stars on GoodReads because I really enjoyed reading this book. The emotions, the mystery, the reality of today’s world and how one man’s loss is another man’s opportunity to make millions, is very deeply analysed and reflected. I recommend this book to mystery and thrillers fans. The conclusion of the story is relatively unexpected, but in a bad way. But the rest of the story is so well written, it can be neglected. And yes, the cover has been really thought of!


Love & Light,

x Zb


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