Book Review: Amina’s Voice, by Hena Khan

This book hit me like a breath of fresh air after I have been drowning myself in war stories, contemporary fiction, and sci-fi for too long. Amina, sweet & honest Pakistani-American, is worried about Soojin changing her name and her friends’ circle once Emily comes into the picture. She is also worried that her Thaya Jaan is coming to visit them from Pakistan and her father expects more than ever from both her and Mustafa, who turns out to be the rebellious one in the family. She is also worried about getting the big Haa correct at the mosque and how she will win the statewide Quran Competition. Such tiny little shoulders and so many things to worry about.

The story portrays a very positive image of America, different cultures that are a part of Amina’s surroundings, and above all the Thaya Jaan from Pakistan is not as bad as we think he would be. Problem is, we have associated such stereotypes to all the characters mentioned in the story, that when the characters actually behave differently, it comes as a pleasant surprise. All the characters in the story will prove you wrong in what you expect them to do & you will find yourself content & very much at peace by the end of the story. I love how Amina’s Baba is not the typical desi parent we expect him to behave like. The author has done a wonderful job in promoting Pakistani culture and Pakistani people in a very positive light. Beautifully written, and I salute the author for being so full of life & positive energy even in a world full of negative people & negative vibes.

I gave the book 5 stars on Good Reads.



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