Book Review: The Museum Of Heartbreak, by Meg Leder

Pen is confused. This is her first love and she is not sure. They say follow whatever your gut feeling tells you, some call it “following your heart” too. Whatever you call it, something tells her the earth-shattering, ground-shaking, heart warming love, the kind poets write about, the kind that make you feel like you’re flying among the clouds lightly drifting by and touching you warmly across your face, yes! the kind of love we all dream of, isn’t right. How would you let go of a love like THAT just because it doesn’t feel right? You don’t. Yeah, exactly. You won’t. May be this is life, taking risks, going against your own heart/gut whatever they call it, experience emotions specially when they are heightened, and living the dream. Because there is one thing about dreams; you wake up from them and reality always hits hard. Pen’s sixteen year old, in love and drifting apart from her childhood friends. On top of everything, things are getting really weird with her best childhood friend Eph. Boys will be boys. Whether they are fictional characters or those A-holes around us in our real lives, they will always make things oh-so-complicated. The story takes Pen to a crossroad, where some choices are made for her, and some choices she makes and finally understands that not all romances are meant to last, and that’s ok in a way.

This story is sweet, cute, the kind that makes your heart grow over sized with warmth. Even though I’m hardly a YA Fiction fan, yet this story/book really touched me. For one, the author has made it very interesting by keeping it simple. No Complications. We all have been in Pen’s situation at some point in life. This story reminded me of Love, Rosie, the movie many times, just in a much sweeter context.


I would not post any spoilers, but I really recommend this lovely book to everyone who has ever been in love with one person & had their heart in another place, because those who did, know exactly what I mean.

Love & Light

x Zb


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