Book Review: Behind Her Eyes, by Sarah Pinborough

you might not be afraid of the dark, but are you sure you are not afraid of what it may be hiding?

I started reading this book because of the hype about the unpredictable and unexpected ending. I have a thing for the reads where something hits you out of nowhere and you are left flabbergasted. I have to give the publishers and marketing team the credit for creating enough hype using the hash tag #WTFThatEnding which got a lot of readers interested & intrigued.

The story revolves around Louise, Adele and David. David and Louise come across each other in a bar, drunk & lonely and Louise got pulled in, only to find later that he is actually her new boss. This somehow reminded me of Meredith Grey & Derrick from Grey’s Anatomy *heart heart*. Adele tries to make friends with Louise without showing that she is aware of what happened between Lou and her husband, David. But the parts narrated by Adele tell us that she is somehow aware of EVERYTHING that David or Louise do. How? That is not explained anywhere till you reach the end. Louise finds herself trapped in an awkward trio where she is in love with David, while being best friends with his wife, Adele. Adele tries to make it sound like David is an abusive husband and towards the end of the story, we are not really sure who to believe. Adele or David? I found myself as confused as Louise. Who is telling the truth and who is a liar here in this duo? Who knows what really goes on behind closed doors? Being an avid thrillers and mysteries fan, I expected all kind of twists in this story, yet, I could never have thought the way it ended. WTF was literally my reaction.

This is the kind of book you cannot put down once you start reading it. Yet, the ending got me thinking about insidious (the movie) and lot of crap which is usually associated with dreams and body and soul. There is a lot of stuff about lucid dreaming and all, yet it does not make up for the fact that the ending is pathetic, yet you have to give the author the credit, for you could not have guessed that ending even if you tried. I gave the book 4 stars, mainly because the plot kept me hooked through and through.


If you are a mysteries and psychological thrillers fan, this is your dream.

love & sweet dreams,

x Zb


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