Book Review: 10 things I can see from here, by Carrie Mac


Freak out. Calm down. Repeat. 

The story revolves around Maeve and her panic attacks. She panics about getting her head slashed off on a bus. She worries about drowning while on the ferry. She worries about her mother dying in Haiti, her dad going back to drugs, her step mom dying during childbirth at home and then in middle of all this chaos,  she meets someone who calms the storm around her. 

Even though I opppse the idea of encouraging  teens to rely on someone,  of all people,  their romantic partner,  in order to get over anxiety, yet Im happy for Maeve that she found Salix. Yes,  Maeve is Dorothy’s friend. She’s into girls. So after all,  feminists are going to love this book because they don’t need men to solve their problems.  

Anxiety is real, it’s just not upto that person to calm down so do not tell them to calm down. Help them, like Salix helps Maeve through this book until Maeve is able to stand on concrete, holding Salix ‘s hand,  staring at the stars in sky. 

I gave this book one star on goodreads,  mainly because

1. Im not a teen ager

2. Im not gay

3. I don’t suffer from aniexty attacks. 

So i found it very hard to relate to Maeve, or the story on the whole. 

Love & light, 

X Zb. 


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