Book Review; This is Where It Ends, by Marieke Nijkamp

I have been eyeing this book for a long time mainly because I work in a school and anything and everything related to school and students is something I can totally relate to.

The story is set in an auditorium of Opportunity High School where during a morning assembly and after the Principal’s address, the ‘freak’ kid shows up with a gun, all doors and windows chained and locked, and apparently wants to be heard. The story narrates the events following this and how a brother who is outside the auditorium tries to save his sister who is trapped inside and a sister who is on the race tracks goes out to get help because her brother is still inside. Everyone tries to save themselves but more so, tries to save others.

Ty, or Tyler, has his own reasons for getting everyone’s attention, and wanting to be heard. The story really got me convinced that in order to get over an emotion, or a loss, grieving is an essential part of the process. We cannot get through a loss without acknowledging it first. I gave this story 3 stars mainly because the story did not exactly tell us the reasons for a lot of characters behaving in certain way, except Ty’s mental confusions.


Love & Peace

x Zb


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