Book Review: Edhi, A mirror to the blind, By Tehmina Durrani


This is not a book review. These are just very few words about how I feel regarding what I have read and the great lessons I have learnt from this legend’s life. I cannot begin to describe how I feel after reading about this man who belongs to a different world altogether, yet gave his life to make ours better. 

Who would not know or be inspired by this greatest human being known to our generation! Abdul Sattar Edhi, the founder and father of the Edhi Foundation, the philanthropist and humanitarian we all know. I have never been an autobiography person, mainly because I do not find other people’s lives as  interesting as work of fiction & imagination done by so many well-known authors and artists. This is probably the third time I have tried to read an autobiography, and voila! was I hooked! I guess I never found an autobiography of a person who’s life was actually more interesting and full of compassion than most fictitious characters could ever have.

Edhi’s autobiography starts with the memories of the time when he lost his grandchild and how he had to bear the pain of loss of someone who was dear to him. He narrated his childhood and the major impact his mother had on his life. His mother, as  narrated by him, is an inspiration for us to raise our own children right. Edhi’s mother taught him at a very early age to help others and share whatever he has with the needy ones. This lesson was embossed so effectively on his soul that he ended up dedicating his life to love for humanity.

Now specially during ramadan, when we are occupied with judging others for their deeds and eyeing others for what we are doing but they are not, the time of the year when religious superiority and differences are highlighted a little more than ever, I would really want everyone I know to read this, look at how he states himself as ‘not a very religious person’ yet is more humane than all of us. The essence of all religions is HUMANITY which we have completely forgotten about while we are busy spending thousands on iftar buffets followed by long taraweeh at mosques, just so we can brag about it at another lavish sehri at one of the finest places in town.

Tehmina Durrani has done real justice to this great man’s life story. The words are wisely chosen, and the sentences leave a mark on your soul. No one could have done a better job than her. I cannot rate this book, for the simple reason; its not a book. It’s legendary tale of one of the greatest human beings the world has seen.


Love & Light

x Zb


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