Book Review:Behind Closed Doors, by B A Paris

I was intrigued by the tag line, The Perfect Marriage, or The Perfect Lie?

This story reminded me of the book “Perfect Victim: The True Story Of The Girl in The Box” great deal, even though both stories differ great deal, yet there is a striking similarity; both the stories scared me a lot. The story is about a perfect couple, the kind where husband is really handsome & wealthy & his perfectly perfect wife is happy & very much in love. However, like every other real life too-happy-to-be-true couple, there is a scary skeleton in their closet.



Grace met Jack, the handsome charming lawyer & immediately fell for him. She was lucky enough to have found Jack falling for her too & before she even knows it, she is married to him. How many of us get lucky like that? During their honeymoon, no ..wait, on the very first day of honeymoon, she finds out that Jack is not all that. No, he is not gay. He is also not sadist, like Mr. Grey, but he has some terrifying appetite for instilling fear in weak women, which has to do with his horrible father keeping his mother a captive. Jack really scared me. This book gave me night mares & left me emotionally & mentally upset, yet at the same time made me question how everyone talks about physical abuse in a marriage, because a woman in an abusive marriage can show her scars and wounds and prove her point, but what about mental & emotional abuse, where the scars and wounds are not visible to the eye?  how many of us would believe a woman if one walks up to us at a restaurant with her verrrryy handsome & charming husband & screams at top of her voice “my husband is keeping me locked up in a windowless room, and does not allow me to go out, somebody please help me”???

I recommend this book to every woman out there. We need to look out for each other. We really do!

Love & Light

x Zb


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