Book Review: In The Stillness, By Andrea Randall


To the man I once cautiously planned a future with in my head before one was planned for us!

A beautifully written book, which I absolutely could not relate to, only because I have never been through the kind of circumstances the main character in this story did, and I really hope and wish I never have to, because I’d probably just kill myself instead of just cutting like Natalie.

There are some broken things that can’t be put together.

In The Stillness

The story is about a girl Natalie, ,other of twins Ollie and Max, married to a PhD student Eric. Natalie has a past, a very depressing one indeed. Natalie met Ryker when she was in college. Ryker was in National Guard and after 911, he had to go to war. When he came back from war, he was not the same person anymore. Natalie doesn’t want him to enlist but does not want to stay with Ryker too. After she leaves, she doesn’t leave the guilt behind and

Guilt is stronger than reason.

Natalie feels the weight of all the guilt and starts cutting. This part of the book actually left me wondering and feeling rather nauseous, but I’m sure people who have been through similar experiences would appreciates the efforts Nat puts in to stop, to put her life back together again, for herself, for her children & for love of her life. The story gets more inspiring and encouraging in the second half. If you are going through tough times in your life, you need to see what Natalie is going through.

The first cut most certainly is not the deepest. If you started with the deepest, where would you go from there?

Love & Light

x Zb



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