Book Review: Truly Madly Guilty by Liane Moriarty

Music is the silence between the notes.


This story is deeper than it shows on the surface. It may take you a while to properly let everything sink in, because there is so much going on at the same time, you need time to comprehend the real purpose behind the author’s efforts, without which, you really cannot appreciate the work at all. So I suggest you take your sweet time when reading this book. Take pauses. Look at your own life and then see how the characters are somewhat similar to your own self or those around you. Specially if you are a parent, or someone who had a complicated relationship with one of the parents, then this book is something you need to read and relate to.

The story revolves around six characters, with complicated childhoods, and the effects of those complicated childhood reflect in their adult relationships.


Clementine did not choose the friend she has to be best friends with, she did not choose the life she is living and she did not choose the children she is having (even if she keeps telling herself that she did).She did not choose her mother too, neither did she choose her relationship with her.

Sam, married to Clementine, an idea father to Clementine’s children, just like Clementine, isn’t sure if he is also living the life he chose, or just the reflection of a life he wanted his father to live.

Oliver and Erika, the second couple in the story. Oliver had spent his life waiting for his alcoholic parents to get sober and start living, and he loves Erika with such a deep profound passion, it makes me cry. But he really wants to have children, while his wife is incapable of moving past her own childhood insecurities, makes him question his own choices in life.

Erika, another broken girl, an only child of a nurse who is also a hoarder, living her very complicated life married to very sweet, yet complicated, Oliver. She chose not to have children, but is she also living the life she chose?

Tiffany, the hottie and the clever one with a very interesting past, worried sick about her daughter comes face to face with her past & does not realize she has a gem of a person for a husband, Vid. Vid, BTW my favourite fun character in the story, won my heart by what he did for Tiffany towards the very end (No Spoilers!). Vid seems to be the only character who knows how to forgive & forget and live life the way it is supposed to be lived! I wish all the characters could learn to live like Vid. I wish I could learn to live like Vid.

Clementine and Erika have the most intense, interesting & thought provoking kind of friendship. Many of us have shared a similar full of love/hate relationship with one of our closest friends at some point in life. Things Clementine has is what Erika wants and what Erika has is what Clementine desires and both of them believe the other was blessed with the best kinda life! Their mothers are also very interesting characters in the story and one of them reminds me of the mothers I have known all my life.

Story is about a barbeque evening when all six couples, with all their complications are together in Tiffany & Vid’s garden and something happens, something that shakes them and their relationship to each other. The story is pretty boring up until this point when this very incident takes place and only then you begin to connect the dots. Some people might find the story boring and climaxing to a nothingness, but like I said above, take your sweet time in understanding the characters and their childhood insecurities to understand the story better.

The book gets 3.5 stars from me. I recommend it to people who had a complicated childhood, or a complicated friendship with a friend they did not choose.

Love & Light

Zb x




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