Book Review: The Thousandth Floor by Katharine McGee

One of the most interesting reads I have come across this year. Not because the story is great, but the way this story takes you into future, full of technological advancements, new infrastructure, closely connected individuals, and yet, their lives and heads are full of emotions people before them have felt, and so will people living after them.

The story is set in the year 2118. Yes, that far into the future. The author had great imagination and she has written about “what our next-next-next generation’s lives would be like” really well. you can almost picture the technology in your head (and wish you live that far into the future to experience all of it too).


The story is about everything happening inside a 1000 floor tower, in middle of NYC in year 2118. The teenagers living on different floors, having different lives altogether, yet all the same like ours.

Avery: The most beautiful girl in the story, who was created by her parents picking and choosing best DNA makeup and thus; this perfect beauty comes into the world, yet her beats the same way a not-so-wisely picked DNA girl’s would. She falls in the love in the most unexpected place, with the most unexpected person, and the worst part is, she can’t even let anyone know about it.Oh BTW she lives on the thousandth floor.

Leda: very ordinary looking friend of an extra-ordinary looking Avery. She went on drugs when the guy she’s in love with literally runs away after sleeping with her. Her secret: she can’t let anyone know about her substance abuse story, yet eventually proves to be the wisest of them all.

Rylin: A sad girl, trying to work and make enough money to take care of herself and her little sister. An ordinary downTower maid, who falls in love with an UpTower guy.

Eris: The happy go lucky girl who one day finds out her whole world falls apart when his father finds out she is not his daughter.

Watt: The genius who illegally installs an illegal quant (ultra genius computer) in his brain & yet falls in love and even the wisest computer can’t help him.

There are other characters like Cord, Mariel, Brice in the story too but these are the main characters. One day a girl falls down from the roof top of the thousand stories high tower. Everyone believes it’s an accident, except Avery, Eris, Leda, Rylin and Watt who know the truth.

What I LOVED about the story were all the great tech gadgets these teenagers enjoyed. Hovers instead of cars, automatic rain, even projected sunlight, schools and parks inside the tower. It’s basically a whole world inside the tower and you only realize towards the very end that life outside the tower, life ordinary people have, is hardly so different from inside the tower. The book is a real treat for tech freaks. so many possibilities, so many amazing things.

I recommend this read for those who enjoy sci-fi, even though this book is more of a twisted complicated love story, rather love stories.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Love & Light

x Zb





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