Book Review: The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

Let me get straight to the point; the disappointment of the year for me. I’m feeling so annoyed and agitated after reading this book that I really cannot sugar coat it, even though I picked this book up solely out of hoping “the best seller” tag would be appropriate for once. I really do not know how this book made it up to the best sellers list but it’s sheer disappointment. This book is actually not a thriller, but a confused story about a confused woman. You realize that you have read the book all the way to the middle and the story is still stuck on the same point since the beginning. The plot build up is so annoyingly slow, no, wait, they must have another word for this in English, the plot or story build up is entirely missing. There is no build up. By the last few chapters, the author has desperately tried to wrap the book up quickly. The only reason it’s classified as a thriller is because the story revolves around a woman’s murder and the murderer is not known until we reach the very last chapter and even in the last chapter the story goes like…thiss..thiss..this and that’s all folks! I enjoy a thriller which adds up to the excitement, which makes you wonder more about the secrets awaiting you in the next chapters instead of making you frustrated why the story is not going anywhere.

The story is divided into narrations by Rachel, a divorced alcoholic absent minded woman, who likes to make things up in her head but towards the very end of the book realizes she is an absolute genius at human psychology, specially murderers’ psychology. Megan is another woman who cheats on her husband and has issues staying committed to him until the very end where she realizes she needs to be a good mother and wife. There is also Anna in the story who is the most perplexing character. She and Rachel and Megan are not all the very different, they all make the reader want to throw the book out of the window. By the very, very last chapters of the book, the story actually starts taking sharp twists and turns and then abruptly ends. Very disappointing if you are a big crime psychology and thrillers fan. This book  is not for you if you are expecting a great big mystery. If you want to know how to not spoil your life for your ex spouse, then this is the book you should read, or may be not even then.

x ZB


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  1. Rajev says:

    Bravo. let me tell you: this girl is a magic writer! …and i love writers!

  2. Rajev says:

    Could you please unblock me on twitter? please?

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