Book Review:Perfect Victim: The True Story of The Girl In The Box. 


This book is not for the weak. There is too much going on that makes you feel uncomfortable. One, even if it was just fiction, it is still too full of details about stuff we do not want to talk about, fears, oppression, torture, abuse, sodomy. Two, it’s not work of fiction and the title makes sure you know it beforehand that this, all of this,  actually happened to someone. 

The story is set in past and present, past of Colleen, the girl in the box, and present of McGuire, the DA attorney.  The story starts with abduction of a yound hitchhiker by the Hookers and how the masochistic Hooker abuses her, keeps her in a box for SEVEN YEARS, holds her as his slave, and tortures her in so many terrific ways, you’d actually want to murder him halfway through the book. On top of everything, his wife is his companion in all of this. The horrific details of abduction, captivity, slavery, coersion & BDSM will leave you physically sick. The way Hooker uses bible to persuade his wife and slave to obey him is sickening and a prove that manipulative people can use even religion as a mean to their desired ends. Then the strongheaded attorney McGuire puts Hooker on trial and tries her best to show the demonic side of Hooker to the people trying to portray him as “harmlessly kinky”.  I recommend this book to those who like crime stories,  and psychological impacts of crime on the victim. The last chapters have lot of detail of crime psychology and make a very interesting addition to one’s knowledge of human psyche.  


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