Why not? 

They say we always regret the chances we didn’t take more than the chances we actually took. We keep hearing how life is too short to wait for things to happen to us. We keep wondering and thinking and wondering again how we’d plan a holiday next year, how we would open ourselves more to love from now onwards, how we would not regret the night out & how we will just enjoy the present moment, and we fail. We make excuses to avoid things that are our gateway to a whole new world, we hold ourselves back, we hold ourselves in places we are supposed to move from. I, at least, don’t know why we do that, but we sure do. 

If you’re a firm believer and you believe in god, mother nature, destiny, fate, guardian angel, higher self or whatever name you have for that little voice inside your, and you’re reading this, ask yourself:why are you holding back? Why are you doing this to yourself ? What’s your excuse today to not do something you have been thinking about for such a long time it haunts your thoughts at 3am? Life is too short to live inside the box you have created for yourself. Get out while you can. You are too young to stay in one place. You are too bright to let others decide your limits for you.

Ask yourself: you have something others would want, yet you are not doing what you can with all the potential you have. Why? Just,  why not? What’s your excuse today? 

Ask yourself and answer yourself honestly. You did not land on this page by sheer coincidence. There is no such thing called coincidence in God’s scheme of things. Remember, He doesn’t play dice with the universe. 

Love & light x



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  1. Rajev says:

    The most beautiful writing ever!

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