Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes


This book is a sequel to my really favourite and recently reviewed Me Before You. After reading Me Before You,  I was really looking forward to knowing what actually happens to our dear character, Ms. Clark, after Will was gone. Don’t we all want to know that after we finish reading a book?  (this strangely reminds me of The Fault In Our Stars). 

However the book is a sheer disappointment.  Louisa had proven herself to be too strong a character to have all this mess around her when Will clearly gave her the nudge she very much needed in her life. I mean if you cannot get yourself up after an eye opener like Will’s letter,  I don’t know what would do the job for you. 

The story is set in London where Lou is residing in a flat which is a legacy left for her by Will. She comes across a girl who claims to be Will’s daughter. Lou sacrifices a lot for the child who is not even hers and tries to be responsible for things that are not hers. I completely fail to understand why Lou felt so much responsible for Lily when even Will himself wouldn’t have done this to her,  burden her with his baggage I mean. Another thing I felt while reading the book is, Will was not enough to change Lou. Treena could change Lou far more than Will ever could, but if love doesn’t transform you, is it really love at all? Lou is still the feel-responsible-for-everyone girl and still afraid to get out of her box. I as a reader would really have wanted her different after Will,  since the book itself implies the “After” effects of love,  but fails in portraying so. After twelve chapters, I still had not highlighted a single quote in the book. The book is more about raising a teenager and the problems teenagers face because of their recklessness than about moving on after you lose a loved one. Then comes in Tanya Miller,  who surprises me as a mother. How can a woman do this to her own child & a man whose child she bothered to have but didn’t allow to be a part of her life? I wish more light was shed on her choices and why she made them. Lot of characters are ignored and are presented in a shallow manner. We never really understand what goes on in their minds, for example,  Ambulance Sam. I wish I could read how he felt about Lou and how did he know when she was having a conversation with Will in her head. 

Spoiler alert: The gunshot scene was totally unnecessary really. Lou doesn’t have to end up with men in ICU to realise she loves them. Or may be it’s her pattern. 

The story has many references to Me Before You, therefore people who haven’t read MBY, would not be able to fully understand After You. If you wrongly assume that to understand Lou, you need to read MBY,  then no. But to understand certain bits in Lily & Lou conversations,  you do. 

Just read the summary and you know the story. There isn’t much in this. 

Love and light x



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