My Top June Reads and Reviews


After overindulging into movies for longer than 2 years, I finally decided to go back to books. One,  I missed reading, and second I watch most of the movies half-asleep. Books have been my best friends since I was a child. They were probably my only friend till I was really 10 or 11 year old.  This summer break when I had a lot on my mind but not much on my schedule,  I set a goal to read as many books as I can. I finished reading 16 books in less than 2 months and it has been an amazing experience. Reading, reading and more reading. 

There are some books that I loved,  some I hated and some I have very difficult, complicated feelings towards. This post will talk about my top 3 favourites that I highly recommend to my fellow readers. 


By Jojo Moyes

This book made me cry. It made me feel love,  hate,  anger,  pity,  compassion,  gratefulness and what not. This is also the only book I have ever read that left me feeling confused and speechless. I questioned everything I know about my life as a perfectly healthy person and everything I know about compassion in general. The story introduced me for the first time to a place called Dignitas and the other meaning of the word “suicide” . I never in my life have felt so grateful for having limbs that work perfectly fine and never felt so confused about mother nature and it’s cruelty. I know I would be recommending this book to a lot of people for a long time now.

2. The Nightingale 

By Kristin Hannah

This book,  Like the one above, left me feeling sad, powerful, resilient and thankful to God. The story mainly revolves around two sisters and when everybody talks about wars, men are appreciated and the stories of their heroism are proudly narrated. However,  no one talks about the sacrifices women make,  back home,  waiting for their men to arrive someday. I recommend this book to people who do not feel insecure just because some women out there are bigger heroes than some men they idealize. 

3. The Time Traveler’s Wife

By Audrey Niffenegger

This beautiful love story again,  took me to an emotional roller coaster. It made me feel a kaleidoscope of emotions ranging from anger to love to hatred and anguish. The story goes back and forth in time a lot but it still keeps you on the edge of knowing and still not knowing enough. I recommend this to everyone interested in reading about a complicated love that lasts, in time. 

Love and Light



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