Product Review: Hollywood Style Mineral Clay Mask


Oily skin which is also prone to acne and spots is the worst curse you can be born with.  Some blame the hormones, some genes & other bad diet but really there is no way around it. The only way to deal with it is through it. When you are blessed with this irrevocable curse, nature has also given an antidote. Mud masks and clay masks do not only dry the excess oil from the pores but also cleanse them and soothe the skin if there are any inflammatory tendencies. I would like to point out something here which I have learnt through my own study of clay and mud masks. A lot of people wonder about difference between mud and clay masks. The difference is that mud masks do not only cleanse the pores but also hydrate your skin while clay masks are more of drying agents. You will feel the difference if you have used both that clay masks leaves your skin drier than mud masks, thus feeling more clean. 

Im a huge fan of mud and clay masks because;of course, oily skin. Specially in summers when the oil appears more often and in all the wrong places around the centre of your face, clay & mud masks come in pretty handy. 

While browsing the aisles at Al-Fatah at the Centaurus Mall in Islamabad, I came across this clay masks which seems to be promising for summers ahead. After using the mask for more than 8 weeks, I have come to conclusion that this indeed is really good for the price you pay for it. 

About the product:

The product comes in a plastic jar which makes it travel friendly.  The clay is greyish colour and scent is very soothing.  

  • The product claims it is for professional use and contains avocado, kiwi and wild berries (which are very good antioxidants btw).
  •  It claims to minimize pores, improve texture and calm the skin which it actually does.  
  • Like all clay masks it says it deep cleanses and removes excess oil and impurities.  It makes the skin feel alive, smooth, moist and super clean. 


The best part: it actually does what it says on the package. It leaves the skin smooth,  oil free and super clean. Sometimes I would notice some dryness around the corners of mouth after using this product but a little dab of moisturizer once only solves the problem.  


The jar says to use it twice a week for best results. I have not been religiously following the directions, but I have been using it atleast once every 15 days.


The consistency is thick and creamy and makes it very easy to apply.  

How I use it:

I apply it on dry face and neck evenly and leave it for good 15-20 minutes or until it dries. Then i take it all off using wet face towel and wash the face with water. This leaves the skin not overly dried from too much washing and scrubbing while trying to take the mask off. I use it once or twice every seek depending how oily my skin is getting. 


I bought the product for Rs. 399. 

Will I buy it again:

Definitely yes. That is,  if the jar ever finishes. The amount of product in this jar is pretty huge. 


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