Conscious mind: The real creator! 


If you have not read the book The Secret yet,  you need to take a look at that thing.  It mostly just reinforces the same concept which we have been hearing for ages,  think positive,  have faith,  don’t lose hope,  these are all the positive  vibes we are constantly told to generate in order to create our reality.  Even religion promotes the positive thoughts in name of faith and expecting good from God/Lord/Creator. But what if,  it’s  actually our mind,  our conscious thoughts that create our future and our reality? 

Astrology, numerology and all forms of fortune telling can show you the glimpse of your future IF you carry on the path that you are on right at that time. Science  explains  this with the theory of Infinite Universes, claiming that everytime we make a choice,  no matter how big or small,  that point becomes a split or crossroad where the universe spilts into two distinct versions of our reality. 

Law of Attraction has become the next big thing with emphasis on visualizing,  affirming and believing that you have achieved your goals. Millions of people have received what they asked for,  using power of mind. Religion calls it faith, be sure of receiving what you have prayed for and God will send it to you.

Reading accounts of thousands of people who had Near Death Experiences, I noticed some common themes. One,  there is lot of peace, calmness and love after death (or when you’re nearing death).  Second, you see angels or Jesus or God himself depending on what belief system you have followed in your life. Third, those who committed suicide when they almost died,  see a lot of black (despair?)and cloudy/misty surroundings (confusions) . And finally, people who are given a choice to either comes back or move on to the other side choose to come back for their children, mostly mothers with small kids.  

After reading these accounts,  I could not help but wonder if we create our reality not only in this world but also for hereafter. Life, in all forms,  is energy. May be death is just us, converting from one form of energy to another (dead ones become stars in the sky theory), creating our own reality even after we have gone to the other side. 

There is no denying the power of mind,  the power of positive thoughts and power of sending out good to the universe so that good would come back to you. Be good,  be kind. You are creator of your own reality. 

X Zb


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  1. plankful says:

    Such a great book!

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