The Power of Acceptance!

The thought for pondering over today: is feeling of rejection stronger than feeling accepted by someone we think is in a position to reject us as individuals, friends, lovers, human beings?

No one has been able to comprehend how  it works when it comes to human attraction towards certain kind of people, circumstances and emotions. Many would answer the question right away saying rejection; we are always attracted towards the people who reject us. My experience has been otherwise. We may be attracted towards people who reject us, but we STICK TO people who accept us, when they could have rejected us, but they made a conscious choice of accepting us.

I cool is that!

The attraction we feel towards people who reject us is linked to feelings of anger, revenge and frustration, but attraction and love towards the people who accept us for who we exactly are, is warm, glows in pit of our tummies and makes us love them., cherish them, adore them. Anger and fear of losing something that rejected you and is going to probably land with someone better than you, is temporary, and eats and gnaws at your insides, leaving you furious, and bitter. The love that flows through you when someone accepts you, just allows you to be, changes your life forever. It is highly linked to our self-esteem and our personal insecurities, which BTW we all have, one kind or another. but I would say when you accept people as they are, not trying to change them, you make them stay! You make them have a bond with you which they will not be able to have with anyone else walking into their lives tomorrow. Rejection gives you power to have someone down on their knees (in most cases) leaving them angry and bitter over you for rest of their lives, but acceptance would make them worship you like no other. People don’t love you for who you are; they love you for how you make them feel when they are with you.

*plays ‘Love me Like you Do’ in background*

X Zb




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