5 things people in early twenties need to know!

I have always heard it from those in their late thirties that you begin to enjoy life only after you hit thirty, you relax more and you know more. After celebrating my 2*th birthday (gawd, I feel old now), I can’t agree more. The older you get the more you realize the importance of little things in life, the more you begin to focus on yourself and lesser on others’ idea of you. There are a few things which I wish somebody had told me when I was in my late teen years. I wish someone would tell this to people now in their late teens or their early twenties…

1.People will ALWAYS try to push you:

People around you, your colleagues, your peers, your family, everyone, will always try to push you for something; degree, college, university, marriage, first kid, another kid, still another kid, kid’s school, college, university and their weddings. There will always be something you would constantly be pushed for. STOP listening to these people and their persuasive attempts at why you really need to do what they think you should do. At the end of the day, they are not living your life; You are!

2. It’s OK to be ahead or behind others in terms of time:

so someone lands a better job while you are still struggling. someone found a soul mate while you are still trying to figure out what you want, your best friend is having baby no, 2 while you are still trying to get over your ex. ITS OKAY. It’s fine to be in a different time zone than those around you. It’s fine if your sibling was married and had two kids at your age and your best friend had already made a 6 digits salary at your age. We all are on our different life path and it’s fine if your path is longer or harder than others’. Trust me, they also feel the same.

3. What worries you the most today won’t matter tomorrow

Exams, acne, thin hair, extra pounds, bad boss, low grades, with time NONE of this will matter. If there is anything you need to know, it’s this; 99% of your worries are just in your head.

4. People come and go:

Friends, lovers, mentors, advisors, they come and they go. This is the flow of life which makes everything all so worth it in the end. Your friends are not going to be there forever, neither is family, nor your boyfriend/girlfriend. The only person you should be investing in, is yourself. That’s who is always going to be there for you.

5. It’s OKAY to say NO

The person who is trying to please everyone all the time is the one who is eventually unhappy and lonely. When you keep trying to invest in other people, you eventually lose sense of your self, and nothing is worst than that.

Happy living!

x Zb


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