Mental Quantum Realm?


Disclaimer:Please do not dis me for not having enough knowledge about physics, super hero theories or The Avengers meaning of the Quantum Realm. It’s just what I learnt about it from the movie Ant Man.

While watching the movie Ant-Man, one concept which really intrigues a lot of minds, “The Quantum Realm” caught my attention. According to the theory presented in this movie:

1- Quantum Realm is an alternate dimension which can be accessed if you shrink to a really small sub-atomic size.

2- Time and space lose meaning when you enter this realm.

3- You may enter the realm but you may never get out.

And I started wondering, whether it is only a physical concept or can one enter this state just mentally as well. Human brain functions in weird ways. Sometimes a trauma may push one through the nexus which transports that person from reality to an alternate dimension where time and space lose meanings. You mentally start thinking of yourself as tiny and insignificant as a sub-atomic particle. Everything matters, except your own self. You can see everything around you, just without being present there mentally. Your brain is so full of fog, its not you, its just your body lying there, talking, looking, absorbing information, but just not knowing what to make of it. You go on with mechanical tasks, day to day routines, you are doing well in exams, you have your finances in order, your house is not a mess, but time and space have lost meaning. You don’t know how many days it’s been since you last laughed, cried, worried about something, or felt anything at all. You are hanging in this giant universe, swaying back and forth, but you don’t exactly know where you are or why you are there. I don’t know if psychologists have a name for this condition, but I do (Read the title again).

Now the most interesting part, you may enter the realm for whatever reason, but how do you get out? Ant-man figured out that he could (spoiler Alert!) play the flash backs of his daughter’s face and the sound of her voice repeatedly in his head and that was what actually helped him come out of that realm back to the real world. It always comes down to the people whom you call family. Those are the only people who will bring you back from the darkest places in the universe, or inside yourself. Keep these people close.

love and light,

x Zb


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