My Top Make up Tips

Since I’m a make up junkie plus a make up enthusiast, most of my time is spent trying to figure out the how’s of make up. There are some very personal ways of doing things when it comes to make up and everyone has something to share which they have learnt over time and with practice. I will be sharing some of my secrets with you and would love to see your secret tips in comments section:

  • Instead of using different brushes for putting on the eyeshadow and blending, use one brush. How? Keep a wet hand towel nearby while doing your make up. After applying one colour, swap the brush back and forth on the towel a few times. The brush will be free of any residual colour and you do not need to clean ten brushes over the weekend.
  • Blend your foundation with a wet sponge OR spray some water on your face once you are done putting on foundation BEFORE starting to blend it. It makes the blending easy and gives a very finished, dewy look.
  • Never test foundation on hand when buying it. Always test it on jawline and always try 2-3 shades in swatches on jawline while buying foundation.
  • Just by dabbing on a champagne colour eyeshadow on the inner corners of the eyes, you brighten up your whole face.
  • Dabbing translucent powder on crease of the eye and above, you will never find smudged eye liner on your eyes.Same for lipstick smudging on chin for some women.
  • Instead of trying to draw a line on top lid and somehow curving it to create a wing and trying your level best to get both eyes and their wings equal, use this strategy: use the lower lid line and its angle as your guideline. put the brush at corner of your eye and imagine you are extending your lower eyelid towards the end of  your eyebrow. Then line the top lid and join it with your “wing” at the corner of the eye. Both wings same, every time, if you get the idea.
  • Do not confuse bronzer and blusher. Bronzer is to create shadows and “hollow” of the cheek bone while blush on is there to make the highest point of your cheek bones more prominent and glowing. Put the blusher on the apple of the cheeks instead of the hollow of the cheeks. Avoid drawing two angled lines on your cheeks.Blend!
  • No matter how expensive your foundation is, its nothing if you do not blend it well. BLEND it using fingers, moist brush, moist sponge whichever suits you, but never leave it caking on face.
  • Use a white eyeshadow on eyes before putting on your desired eyeshadow to intensify the colour.


(I will be adding more of these with time. Comment below if you want to share your top tip).

x Zb



2 Comments Add yours

  1. ellygraceee says:

    I will admit that I rarely test the foundation I’m buying against my skin (unless it’s high end), but testing it against your jawline is a great tip! I also love the idea of using champagne eyeshadow to brighten the corners of the eyes – do you find that champagne works for most skin shades? I usually use a shimmer white because I’m basically a ghost but I’ll definitely try a champagne colour! Thanks for all the tips! 🙂

    1. zzdreamerzz says:

      No, i’m medium beige but I use yellow undertone foundation, therefore champagne colour suits my skin tone but subtle golds, whites, should work well for your skin tone.
      Cheers x

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