Dear Dermatologist, Do Not Sh*t Me!

We are well aware of the incompetency we are facing among doctors in Pakistan but it is really hard to believe the game some might be playing just for the sake of making some extra bucks.

I normally do not trust anyone or anything just at a whim when it comes to my skin and hair. When summer 2015 began, I experienced a really bad episode of acne and I ended up visiting my regular dermatologist whom I have been seeing every few years since I was 14 for the very same reason; acne vulgaris. He has never been able to come up with any permanent solution for my sudden and unexpected break outs but since he is a Major General now, while being a senior Prof of Dermatology at Army Medical College as well, he can be fairly trusted for minor break out issues.

He immediately ( and totally per routine) put me on antibiotics which is one favourite thing for our doctors here in Pakistan. The antibiotics later gave me even severe inflammation on skin and heat pimples but never mind! Another thing which really surprised me was this face wash which he said was a MUST for my skin at that time and even later, while I already told him that face washes dry my skin and do not really suit me. Yet, he insisted that I MUST use it. This face wash is called FEMI CARE and comes in a box with absolutely no information about manufacturing date or expiry date or ingredients. The product claims that it is an effecive formula for all types of acne, pimples & oily skin and the only thing in terms of ingredients it mentions is Salicylic acid 2% and there is no other way of finding out what other ingredients it contains. I have asked the Whiz Pharma, the manufacturer of this product on their facebook page, searched the internet, looked on the box and bottle but there is no mentioning of the ingredients. How can a dermatologist find it out when it is not present in writing anywhere? and why would he recommend it to his patients without bothering the fact that most of us with skin issues are allergic to most of the chemicals in face washes?

Its about time we have a law in Pakistan, which ensures that the doctors are well aware, and so are the consumers about the chemicals in locally manufactured products and no doctor should be legally allowed to prescribe a locally manufactured product without making sure the patient is not allergic to any of the ingredients used.

Femi care face wash for acne & oily skin
And yes, I stopped using the product because it makes my skin go red and dry and alarmingly tight after use. As you can see, I purchased the bottle in June and after 7 months, there is still more than half of it left.

x Zb


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