Steer Clear of this new Garnier BB Cream in market!

About a month ago, on my regular visit to the Boots Pharmacy here in Rawalpindi, I looked for my favourite winter foundation Garnier BB cream (please read THIS product review to understand my love for this product). The sales man very confidently presented this New Garnier BB cream (which is made in China BTW) to me claiming that the original one from India was actually was not good in terms of consistency (oh please! I used it for 2 years, never had an issue with consistency) so this new one was coming in the market. He said it was the only version of Garnier BB cream available in the market now and I have been looking for the original one but couldn’t find it anywhere. Since I really love this product, I bought it anyway, assuming it would give me similar results.

The Garnier BB Cream you should NOT buy

What really made me squirm was the awful smell. The original product also did not smell good, but this one smelled AWFUL. The product claims its is THE NEW BB CREAM, miracle skin perfector (talk about stealing tag lines) and it is also a Daily All-in-one Moisturiser (yes, not moisturizer. it is not a spelling error on my part). It claims to have SPF 24 and that it is dermatologically tested.

The product is manufactured by BEAUTYCOS International Co. Ltd in China and imported and marketed by Loreal India Pvt Ltd in Mumbai.

The cream claims the same things which the actual one did. However, this is my reason for NEVER ever buying this product again even if it is sold under the same name and brand:

Made in CHINA tag

The awful smell. The smell is so awful that something about it warns you about NOT putting it on your face.

The consistency which is really runny as compared to the original one. I have posted the comparison swatches down below, the thinner longer tube being the one I have always used and the flatter one being the new made in China BB cream which is available on all leading stores in Pakistan. You may see that the original product I have used is darker for my skin tone but is still far more pigmented and matte than this light new garnier BB cream. The last picture shows the shimmer in this product while the real one is totally matte as it claims.The packaging is cheap and unreliable.

Comparing Garnier BB cream made in Paris vs. Made in China versions

This product broke me out after one use, which is the reason why I paid attention to the package AFTER I had already purchased and used it. Therefore, I would highly recommend that everyone should check the labels and everything before buying a product which the salesman tells you is the same product with a “new” packaging. Sometimes it’s not just the package but whole new ingredients as well.

x Zb


9 Comments Add yours

  1. Used that BB cream well my experience was not that good 😦
    Nice post x

    1. zzdreamerzz says:

      This is why I posted this because I don’t want anyone to waste their money on fake stuff like this

  2. All that whitening claim is soooo stupid

    1. zzdreamerzz says:

      I guess they are referring to the “glow” because of the shimmer in the cream.

  3. Any good BB cream would u recommend 🙂

    1. zzdreamerzz says:

      I loved this Garnier one and i still have a tube left. I have not tried any other BB cream yet.

  4. Serah says:

    Where can I get the original bb cream why is it not available in the market anymore????

    1. zzdreamerzz says:

      I think they have stopped importing and promoting Indian products. I looked for it everywhere because i used it for 2yrs and it was so good, perfectly suited everyday application but… 😕

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