Product Review: Saeed Ghani’s Sandal Whitening Cream

Saeed Ghani is a well renowned and well established herbal beauty products name in Pakistan. Their products are the most authentic herbal products in the market and lot of women swear by the oils and ubtans. I picked this cream up out of sheer curiosity from the Saeed Ghani counter right opposite to the Al-Fatah in Centaurus, Islamabad. I was looking for a good moisturizing cream that helps with the spring sun tan. This cream claims to: 

  • help rejunevate skin
  • aid in lightening process
  • protect skin
  • Prevent environmental damage
  • help in refining pores and revitalize skin

Apparently it is an all in one cream without any SPF, just to be clear.


Saeed Ghani herbal products are not very high on package quality so do not expect fine or fancy pan. Its easy to carry, however, because of the air tight plastic pan and lid.


PKR 220

How I used it:

I used the cream as my daily moisturizer, morning before putting my foundation on and at night before bed.

How It worked on my skin:

AMAZING results when it comes to all that it claims. I used this whole pan and I was amazed how my Kryolan TV Paint Stick foundation glided on after I let this cream settle on my face for a bit. The skin look hydrated and as far the complexion is concerned I did not notice any remarkable results because that was not my reason for buying this product any way.

Why I stopped:

This cream clogged my pores and gave me SERIOUS episode of acne vulgaris. I do not consume lot of oily food and I’m very careful about cleansing my skin but there are ingredients like Mineral Oil, Glycerine, Petroleum Jelly Perfume in the cream which makes the cream clog pores, and give you real bad acne after continuous use.

Do I recommend this:

If you have oily skin, DO NOT BUY or use this product on your face at all. Its great moisturiser if you have REAL dry skin, but pores clogging may be a problem for even people with dry skin.

Saeed Ghani’s Sandal Whitening Cream

x Zb



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