100% clear skin is POSSIBLE!


I have written more about skin care than I have written about anything else ever. This is one thing I really want women to have more and more knowledge about because after all, its our faces and we love our faces more than we love anything else.

So after a moderate break out during summers which was mostly because of escalated estrogen levels in my body, the pains of taking so many antibiotics and using salicylic acid 2% products on my face, I almost gave up on everything. Then one day I came across an idea of NOT putting anything on the face and using plain water only to wash the face twice a day.

Since August 22, 2015 I have stopped using soap, face wash and any other chemical or product on my face. YES, no soap, no face wash and no night creams. I wash my face with water and if I feel my hands are oily after i touch my face, I wash my hands with a medicated soap and then wash my face again with plain water and with clean hands only. I do this morning, afternoon and night. If I sense a zit coming, I simply cover the area with thin layer clay mask (you don’t want to dry your skin) and leave it over night. Slowly and gradually my face started clearing up and right now I’m enjoying 100% zit free skin.

The changes you need to make right now are these:

1- No soap and no face wash. Most of the medicated and prescribed face washes and soaps specifically for oily and sensitive skin contain salicylic acid or benzyl per oxide or some sort of drying agent. Think about it; it all starts with the soap. You use the soap and it rips your face of necessary oils. Your skin is dry so you use moisturizer. The moisturizer contains some ingredient which makes you break out, inflames your sensitive skin, which leads you to using creams with more chemicals and concealers and foundation which harms teh skin even more so you wash the face more often and with harsh chemicals again and this cycle goes on and on until you find yourself desperately trying everything you can find, just to keep going around the same cycle again and again. BREAK THE CYCLE. Stop using everything, yes everyyything!!!!!

2- Increase the water intake and find out if there is anything in particular which makes you breakout in certain areas. 90% of adult acne is related to food allergies. For example, I just came to know that cheese makes me breakout on cheeks. Yes, it took me 27 years to know this. Also, excessive coffee intake makes me breakout in the same area, and I ALWAYS get a zit on chin, on alternate sides of it, during ovulation. What’s interesting is that every month its the alternate side so I already know which part of my chin is more vulnerable to breakouts and keeping my eyes on the cycle and dates, I have successfully been managing the problem for four months, abdolutely no problem in the area. yay, more success to smart women with revengeful ovaries 😀

3- STOP USING MAKEUP EVERYDAY and love your skin, accept your skin, manage your skin as it is given to you. I know we love makeup, its almost an addiction, but the more make up you wear, and more often you wear, it will just increase your problems further. You will eventually understand and accept your bare skin better if you stop getting so insecure about how it looks without make up. If you still feel too insecure about it, use concealer only instead of wearing full face foundation.

4- Stop trying to get rid of zits permanently because you can not. At some point, all of us have had our fair share of skin problems. Its the pollution, the changes in environment, the stress in life, the processed food surrounding us everywhere, its most of us who understand your pain. Stop trying to get a solution, and start managing the problem instead.

5- NO CHEMICALS on the face. No chemicals of any kind. Keep it bare. If you have breakouts, try to use herbal masks or oils like tea tree oil. Clay masks work excellent as spot overnight treatment. You would not need to moisturize even in winters if you are not ripping it off the necessary oils.

Love your skin, accept your skin, manage your skin.

Good luck with no-chemicals life!

x Zb



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