Product Review: Fitness DVD Break Free by Bipasha Basu


Break Free is one part of Bipasha Basu’s fitness DVDs she launched in 2012. The idea behind the fitness routine is “Dance yourself into shape”. The contents of the DVD are here:

Bipasha's Break Free
Bipasha’s Break Free

I will focus on the workout routine only. The thing I loved about this fitness routine is that there is proper warm up and cool down. You don’t jump right into difficult moves that leave you breathless.

  • The warm up is of 8 and half minutes and is enough to stretch your whole body.
  • The basic work out routine is of 14 minutes.
  • Water Break 1 minute
  • Bollywood dance routine 4 and half minutes
  • cool down/stretching 2 minutes

I have followed this routine for almost a month now and I love doing it everyday. Here is what I think about the fitness routine in this DVD:

The Good:

  • The music is catchy and very precisely matched to the moves. Once you have learnt the moves, you do not even need to look at the screen. You already know which move goes when this bit plays.
  • The box appears in the bottom left corner for what’s coming up next so you already prepare yourself for the upcoming move without standing there clueless.
  • If you love dancing and you enjoy moving while enjoying yourself, you will love this workout routine.
  • The moves are specifically designed in a way that you feel like you are enjoying a party instead of working out which sometimes feels like a burden if you have been doing the same routine everyday.
  • The instructions along with the moves are not very clear but they are there. The moves do not just change from 1 to 0 to 2 to 5 to 8 and back to 1 while you stand there annoyed and agitated. In some moves she first teaches you the footwork and then adds arms which makes it easier to follow.
  • Most of the moves are easy to learn, there are no complications. If you dance or are fond of dancing, you will find it very easy to learn and remember the moves.
  • There are many breathers in between the complicated moves. Nobody likes leaving a workout routine in the middle just because they are tired. These few second breathers are helpful in catching your breath and going to the next move with full energy instead of doing three moves fast in 3 minutes and then lying down on floor breathless for next 5 minutes ( I know, it happens to all of us).
  • The moves are so simple that you can make them easy or harder on yourself as you wish. You may want to squat lower to make it harder for yourself, or just bend the knees slightly to make it easy for yourself. I like having this choice because not everyday we all have same level of energy.
  • Bipasha is in great shape and has a constant encouraging smile on her face which shows she is genuinely enthusiastic about her workout.

The bad:

  • The instructions are not very clear. For the bollywood routine, there are NO instructions at all so for the first few times, you might just be clueless. But the moves are easy to learn with time.
  • There is too much focus on arms and chest (hammer fists, heart beat, chest thrusts, pumps etc) and little or no focus on legs and thighs area at all. Even though you are moving your legs all the time but there is no particular targeted move.
  • You might want to alternate this workout routine with another harder routine after some weeks because once you are tuned, these moves seem very easy.
  • Not even once in the whole routine, she mentioned you must keep your abs contracted and “sucked in”, for better results and shape. However, in other dance workout routines, this important point is reminded again and again.

Looking at these, you may tell that I’m very fond of this dance routine.

I would like to mention one more thing; most of the moves in this fitness DVD are copied from Ministry of Sound- Pump It Up, The Ultimate Dance Workout, only that MOS’ Pump It Up is way harder and difficult than this one.

For starters however, people who have just started incorporating dance workouts to their fitness routine, I would highly recommend this DVD before you move to more difficult dance fitness routines.

x Zb


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