Miracle eye brows regrowth formula (ta-da)

How much of brow powder or brow pencil do you use in the morning? Check that routine because the more of these products you are using, the more you need to continue reading this,

I have inherited really thick eyebrows from my mother. But over-tweezing (sigh, we all have done it) and teenage desire to have really thin curvy eyebrows led me to lose a lot of eyebrow hair. Even though they still grow nicely, back every two weeks which is an overhead, but there is an obvious need to use lots of brow products.

Last month while I made third attempt to wax the extras out, I ended up making haste and not realizing the wax strip had somehow attached itself to the hair right ON curve of my eyebrow. Yes, this is what happens when you are hasty, you do not pay attention to what you are doing and you end up losing the parts to the gorgeous frames to the windows to your beautiful soul.

Now obviously I could cover it up with brow pencil, which I did for two straight weeks, but I needed to grow them back because I’m usually very careless with touch ups. This was where the Colossal Kajal came in very handy BTW. This is too thick to be used as eye brow pencil, but for this few cm patch, it worked really well because it did not smudge all day long.

Anyway, back to the story, I needed to regrow them so I asked my friend with perfect, no-brow-product-needed eyebrows about it. She mentioned using castor oil, WITH A BROW PENCIL every night right where I wanted to grow the brow hair.

This is something I have herad from a girl at the salon too so I decided to give it a try and within 1.5 weeks, 50% of teh damage was recovered. The brows grew back fully in four weeks and not only that, I have to use VERY little eyebrow pencil now in the morning as compared to the time I didn’t use castor oil on them.

Here is how to do it:

What you need:

  • any eyebrow pencil/kohl pencil/eye pencil
  • Castor oil

What you have to do:

Just take the pencil, determine where you need to grow the hair, e.g you might want a higher arch so you need hair on top of the curve, or you want longer eyebrows so you need hair to grow even below where your eyebrows end now. Dip the pencil in castor oil and then apply the pencil where you need to grow eyebrow hair.

Basically just fill in the brows like you do every morning, except that this time the pencil is dipped in castor oil.Leave it over night and make sure the oil is not dripping otherwise you will ruin the pillow case. Within two weeks you will begin to notice how you use lesser and lesser brow product each morning.

I do not know what the reason or logic behind this might be, but castor oil alone does not work this quick. May be its the kohl ingredient in pencil that quickens the process because in our culture, I have seen grandmothers and mothers putting black pencil on new born’s eyebrows so that their eyebrows are fuller and thicker.

Give it a try. I know we all want full brows 😀

x Zb


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