Product Review: Maybelline Colossal Kajal 12h

My friend had been going on and on about this new kajal she was also using as a top eyeliner and kajal. Her point of view was that this is the only eyeliner she has ever used which does not end up smudging all over her crease since she has small eyes and as a result everything on the lash line goes on top of her crease within minutes.

Colossal Kajal 12h

I bought this product and within few hours  realized this is the most over rated product of the year. Here are my reasons why I will never buy this product again or will not recommend it to anyone:

1: Its a pencil eyeliner/kajal. If you want to line your top or bottom lash line, there will be no wings. The pencil is thick enough to not allow you to make a wing.

2: The product is too less for the price. 24M for Rs. 300 is not worth it in my eyes specially if you are not even going to get a winged look.This makes it just like an ordinary pencil liner, which lasts longer than this product and gives almost same results if you apply it carefully.

3: If you use the kajal/eyeliner on a daily basis, this product will last you less than a month.

4: Its meant to be a kajal, but it looks better as an eyeliner than if used as a kajal. Somehow it does not give that intense look like we get from applying Rani kajal or other kajals inside the lower lash line.

5: Since the product does not smudge, you can not use it even for creating a smoky look.

These reasons are enough for me to dislike the product since I use the eyeliner on a daily basis and I do not believe in lining your lash line without a wing to be honest, who does?

However, there are some good things about this product too.

1: The intensity of colour. Both black and turquoise give you an excellent colour on eyes which the product promises.

2: The product IS smudge free. It won’t budge throughout the day. It will not fade. It will not make you look like a panda by sticking to your crease and its water-proof.

3: Its very easy to carry around with you.

I can not say anything about 12 hours time promise because my make up is usually washed away far before 12hours since I can not NOT wash my face for so long.

This product is not even my least favourite. Its not even on the list. Its a useless pencil lying around in the bag, the kind of stuff you use when one day you forget to put eye make up on and you all of sudden have to go somewhere so you take this out and quickly add some drama to eyes while waiting on a traffic signal. This product does not hold any other significance in my makeup world.

x ZB


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