Hair care: Aloe Vera mask for hair

Aloe Vera is well known for its medicinal properties. There is hardly an old aunty who can’t give you at least one home remedy for this gel. Aloe Vera plants are easy to grow at home and the gel is available at chemists’ too. You can use the gel for glowing skin, for keeping your diabetes and blood pressure under control but for me, It’s the best thing that ever happened to my hair.



I have been using the aloe Vera gel as hair mask for over 6 months, once a week. (Ok in all my honesty, sometimes I forget it for three to four weeks at a time, but not longer than that). The gel is messy to extract from the leaf, it’s gross to put in hair but hey it’s worth it.

What it has done for my hair:
Thickness. Yes I know we all are suckers for thick hair. I have naturally thick hair but since they fall out a lot, I have thick hair, lesser in number. You can picture that. So for me, controlling the hair fall is great deal unless I want to end up bald in next 3 years. This gel has helped a lot with hair fall. My hair obviously started coming out less since I started using this gel. I’d also like to mention that I’ve been using Dove hair fall rescue shampoo to wash this gel out. So may be it’s both, but as long as the bunch of hair that come out every time I brush them, I’m willing to keep trying this. Every time I grab my hair to tie them into a bun or a pony tail I can feel the difference in volume. Yay. So much for hair growth at my age. duh!

I love my hair long. Ok! Sometimes I just go for a blunt shoulder length hair cut but just three hours after the hair cut, I start missing my long hair. 1, you can make tens of kinds of braids with long hair. 2, long hair look beautiful if you are heavy built like I am (fat is the word I’d want to use but won’t) 3, well, long hair are attractive and pleasant on eyes too. Oh Well *rolls eyes*

This hair mask has helped me in growing my hair about 10 inches (before I got them cut up to my shoulders, AGAIN). I admit they got 26″ LONG in matter of 6 months after I got them chopped last year in April. I got them chopped AGAIN just recently and now the aloe mask is back in my head, well, because you know.

how I use it:
I cut the longest leaf, from the bottom of the plant, because it contains the most gel and it’s the oldest and richest in nutrients. Then I wash the leaf and cut a small piece off it and cut off the sides and top side of the leaf, exposing the gel inside. Then I rub it on my scalp till there is no gel oozing out of the leaf. Then cut another piece off and repeat.

Do try the mask, it will take sometime but it will be worth it.



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