Coconut Oil for Hair <3

I remember when I was a little girl with the most thick and beautiful hair I have ever seen, my mum followed a strict hair care regime; coconut oil every week. Back in those days daddy would bring bottles of Parachute coconut oil from Dubai and mum will pour it in my hair. I loved the smell. Sometimes I was amazed by how it was frozen to a white solid in winters and we would put it in sun for it would melt and be usable again.

After several years and losing several strands on my head, I have started following the same regime again; coconut oil heated in microwave for few seconds, massaged into scalp and ends of hair for few minutes and left for an hour or so, before EVER SHOWER. Yes, every shower. I would give you a reason why.

In winters, when we wash hair with hot water, the hair, just like skin, lose most of the moisture. The dry ends make me feel like chopping them off. Since hair are down in winters too, the dried ends look even worse. After following this regime for over 3 months, I have noticed following results:

Smooth hair from root to tip. They are so smooth and silky soft even though I wash them with hot water.

Easy to style. Since I’m blessed with the kind of hair that look good anyway, brushed, unbrushed, tangled, untangled, some mornings I would just get out of bed, put my make up on and don’t even touch the hair because they look fine just like that, this is a blessing if the hair are manageable and less fuss.

Growth. The  most important factor since i’m past the point where you don’t have to worry about your hair growing beyond a particular point at your back. I have never been very fond of short hair. Long hair are a weakness for many including me. I got my last hair cut in April which resulted in hair barely touching the shoulders (yes I chopped them off because of dry and split ends ), and now in December they are below my waist line. My hair have grown over 10 inches minimum in 8 months time which is a biggie since I have lost the hope for my hair after the terrible bleaching and over exposure to hair coloring, ironing and curling back in 2006-2010.

This has been the experience so far which I decided to share with you. Please try this for your hair. Aloe vera hair mask reviews coming up soon.

ZB x


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