Freedom of mind; blessing or a curse?

What do you want to do?

I want to live as a dreamer.

(Imagine the stillness on my father’s face)

This sounds silly. To many, its a very immature answer. To a soul searcher like me, this is the essence of life. The greed for material and love for freedom of mind can’t co-exist in one person. One will always kick the other out. C’mon lets be honest, how many happy, truly happy and free millionaires have you seen? They say they enjoy their work, that’s a silly excuse we all know. They are just greedy for more and more and that is the thing with life; whatever addiction you may have, material or love, you just want more and more. Its like a drug which consumes you. Only that those with greed for tangible in their heart and merely living. They are dead inside.They don’t feel anything. They only pretend they do. The shallow, hollow lives they are living, thinking and imagining and already expressing that they are loving it, lies!

The cost of being a dreamer is that no one understands you, thus everyone finds fault with you and keeps on trying to push you more and more towards the other extreme. What is wrong with this world? Do we intentionally push people towards the reasons that make us sad? Are we scared that they might have found what we couldn’t? the ultimate formula to a happy life? I don’t want to have a job that gets me 8 digits cheque at the end of the month. I want to meet people, love like there is no tomorrow, laugh with my friends and talk all night about all the crazy things in life. I can not enslave myself or my soul in these worldly desires and worries. I am not that person who can be driven by material. I thrive on wisdom, I live just to feel things, the breeze, the heat of the sun and the love that expands my heart to a new extreme every single day of my existence. I want to write, learn to play piano, sit in sun and wonder about what the person standing far away might be thinking. Can money buy this for me? we all know the answer.

Happiness, just like success meas different things to different people. What makes me happy might just be an illusion to you. I might feel the same way about your idea of happiness.

I would leave this here. Just as abrupt as it is, there is no ending to a debate like this? Its more like if you know who I am, I don’t need to tell you more, and if you don’t know what my soul craves, you won’t understand it anyway. Only weird, crazy people can understand each other.

x ZB


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