Kryolan TV paint stick: Product Review

I am here to review my ultimate go-to foundation.

Kryolan TV paint stick. You will find all the info you need about it here, I will just post my experience with it.

This was basically the first foundation I ever started using back in college days. I don’t remember the shade I wore back then. but I can still recall it was the best thing ever. I never had a problem with blending or the shade going wrong or melting in summers. Then I switched to the mineral and liquid foundations so I forgot about it for a while. This summer when I was deeply into finding a foundation which “stays” on my oily skin in the temperature of 40+ degrees C, I came across many blog posts which recommend the same stick/cream foundation for ultimate coverage.

I have two shades of the foundation which I have used in summer and winters, because my skin tone changes. I have used this stick as concealer as well when I am wearing a liquid or powder foundation. This foundation “stays”!. Yes, it does. It blends so nicely and easily without looking like a cake on your face. The pros and cons I have had after using this same foundation on daily basis, is as following

1- Price: Its for Rs. 1100 at Kryolan Point in Rawalpindi. The stick is so thick, I have heard it lasts over a year even if used very often.

2- Shades: There is a wide, wide, WIDE range of shades available. You can never go wrong with the shade with so many options.

3-Blending: Its the foundation which will take you the least amount of your valuable minutes in the morning. Just put some directly from the stick on the T-zone and start blending with a moist sponge outwards. Use as a concealer for spots.

4- Coverage: The coverage is light to heavy, depends how much of it you want. I just lightly apply in center and blend outward.

5- Easy to Carry: Its very travel- friendly. You need just this for your whole foundation routine completed in one stick.

I would like to raise one point here, I have read a lot about this foundation causing break outs to oily skin. I beg to differ completely. My skin is THE most sensitive skin of all.  I would have a blemish if I don’t wash my brush before using it, but this foundation has not caused any breakouts or blemishes on my face even though I use medium coverage EVERYDAY on my face as a part of my routine from early morning till the night sets in.

I would totally recommend this foundation for daily use, occasions and also for all seasons.


x ZB


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