Adultery by Paulo Coelho

After a continuous hype about the book & since im a fan & follower of the author on twitter, I couldn’t resist reading the novel, even though I hated the storyline of the novel “eleven minutes” by the same author.

The movie is all about love, falling in love, the restlessness you feel in your “busy & happy” life & the social disease, adultery. I can relate to the depression & its symptoms. We all at some point in our lives been at a place where we feel lost, confused & unable to answer our own irrelevant question. What makes the situation even worse is that no one apparently understands you at that point.

I can relate to the part where she loves, loves without expecting love in return & then learns to give love, not for the sake of other person, but for herself.

The only part I couldn’t relate to or truly understand is the cheating part. Its very hard for me to even consider thinking about another man, even if it excites me or whatever the reason. My best friend has been married for ten years & with two kids. Her marriage has faced the ups & downs & somehow out of sheer curiosity, I put this topic up with her. She outright refused to admit that even the thought of cheating would excite her. At the same time, she revealed to me that she had been receiving some text messages from (apparently) one of her students. For the last five days, i have been hearing about the messages & when I took a look at the conversation, she had replied IN DETAIL to most of the messages, even though the messages were pretty much like “i don’t want to be friends with you” … But she’s still replying. Doesn’t that come under the definition of “encouragement”? The sparkle in her eyes, the excitement in the voice shows she’s enjoying the attention she’s getting from a man other than her own husband, which makes me think again…is cheating merely a social disease? Men cheat because they can, they are cave men, its in their nature, men are by nature not monogamous but what about women? Are we by nature polygamous as well? Do we need more excitement even though we claim we are loyal to that one love of our lives? Are we capable of having a little fun while still emotionally bound to one man? Or may be we are capable of loving & nurturing more than one human being at a time…

ZB x

P.S i you search this exact string of words on twitter, you will see all my favourite quotes from this novel. “@zaibyx #adultery”


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